Friday, March 18, 2011

Bias Project #1 Part B - Raincoat Tom and Linda Platt Vogue 1180

From the same pattern Vogue 1180- The Raincoat, it is unlined except for the sleeves.  It also does not come with a closure in the front, but can be worn with a belt or left to swing open.  The cut of the collar is flattering.
front closed

Collar close up

Back with collar up

This project is relatively simple, the challenge was finding enough space to cut it out.  It is 1 1/2 sofas long and 60" wide.  I had wanted to practice Hong Kong seams until I realized that there are few seams here and they are all flat felled.... and it would leave me with the challenge of finishing off the edges, which are all just turned under and top stitched.  Have you ever sewn while holding your breath?  That's what this project was like, being careful to keep the edgestitching from falling over the edge, and the stitch lines parallel to each other.  My machine only has space for a 1/8" double needle and mine was closer to  3/8".

Back topstitching

If you are working with raincoat fabric, when you are finished cutting out the garment, take a few scraps and try to iron them.  Even practice the seam finishes on the scraps and iron them.  You may get some permanent shine on the fabric.  I used a pressing cloth and tried not to press down too hard.  This fabric is like a tafetta, it's Technical Nylon faille..  It is perfect for this project, it is very stiff, so you can mold the collar in any position and it stays for a bit.

 Challenges are as follows...
- the instructions are easy to follow except for the upper collar.  It's not easy to get the collar points at the same angle and reduce the bulk at the corner, especially when the collar is only 1 piece and not underlined in any way, so you have to know how to do a mitre corner to ensure a clean collar point.... and the fabric unravels easily.

You might want to practice the corners on the scrap fabric as well.  I did two collars, and contemplated cutting the same piece out of silk organza to treat it like any other typical collar but in the end decided, to finish it as the pattern recommends. Since silk organza really isn't waterproof.

If you do decide to finish the collar with another collar piece, you need to be aware of the seam at the neck which is turned and topstitched so doubling up the bulk at the neck seam might leave it a little bulkier than you might find acceptable.

- long stretches of edge stitch and top stitch
- working with rainwear
- Using a sharp or Microtex needle and topstitching thread

Am really happy with the results!!
It looks as good on the inside as the outside....

Inside lining

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