Friday, March 11, 2011

Bias Project #1 Part A Tom and Linda Platt Vogue 1180 - Dress

Vogue 1180 by Tom and Linda Platt is a good simple bias dress project.

Front View

Dress with scarf

This is my first LBD, it's a little shorter than I would have liked, but I really like it with the scarf.  Since the dress is cut on the bias this was one project that was cut on the floor.  It's a mid weight linen, lined with black acetate, it has lingerie straps, and the neckline & armhole was understitched with a pick stitch.



If you wear it without the lingerie stays it tends to ride forward, and creates a pleat width wise in the small of the back and cups the bottom.
Back view Without the lingerie straps

With the lingerie stays connected...

 I love the way that the neckline and armhole cover everything beneath, and it is a flattering neckline.  It also hangs well, but for the next variation, I will be adding some length and possibly removing some width from the back or reshaping the side seams a bit.  The other thing I liked is that the only notions required were two snaps.  It has no interfacing, just fabric, lining, thread and two snaps.

It's a good basic bias project, you might want to read this Threads Article for treating the side seams if you want to learn more about bias.

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