Friday, May 2, 2014

Repurposing or Keeping the outgrown size range... the slippery slope.

As I go through the bins, I find I have bins filled with yardage (uncut fabric and lace), labels and shoulder pads, and yarn (with paraphernalia), and to my surprise the more troubling categories, some UFO's, scrap and clothing.   There are a disproportionate number of bins (nearly half), of non yardage textile inventory.

This little beauty is finally departing, the fabric was very expensive, so much so, that I could only afford a little bit of it, and my mother the master of making every inch count, had to patch the facings (which was done symmetrically on both sides, pic on bottom, camouflaged with hem tape).

Clothes that no longer fit
Some of you very disciplined folk have gotten rid of the clothes that don't fit you, I find I have hung on to some of them.  Why you ask?  To be frank, I know I will not get back into the sizes that are 6" too small for me, even though it seems like yesterday those clothes were too large.  Memory is a funny thing, (it would appear that I have been trying to lose the same 10 lbs for the last 8 years, not the last 6 months).  I told myself that I would keep them for my niece.... flash back 3 months when she was visiting, and I showed her my prized possessions that were mostly met with a quizzical look. The last reason, was that I could now use those garments as muslin, or part of a quilt, or maybe pocket linings.... yes don't laugh, I'm hopeless.

Is there enough fabric in the garment to realistically refashion into another garment that you would wear?
If yes than work on it, and complete the garment in 7 days.

If it doesn't fit, and it's small yardage and it's in good condition - donate  or sell it
If it can't be donated because of stains or damage - it probably gave you your money's worth - retire it.

If you are keeping it to re purpose wash it - take it apart and store it.  Huh? Yup because if you can't be bothered, get rid of it.

Finally, if you think that someone can use it as is instead of repurposing it, weigh that option as well.

Then there are the items that are made of such high quality fabrics, I can not bear to part with them, what will become of these? If I have the space I'm keeping them but if you have suggestions I'm open to hearing them.

Old Sheets anyone? It would seem that in the process of eliminating clutter in all of the other areas of the house would cause me to recycle any textile item to my sewing bins.  Sheets, linen table cloths, needlework fabrics, napkins, it's all fair game.  What to do with these?

I'm keeping them, I need some practice quilting and when they are finished I can donate them.
They are good for muslins, they are also put in use protect furniture and beds from kitty hair.
They are also good for interfacing, since they are tightly woven, light weight and are preshrunk.
Also can be used to line garments, especially summer dresses.

Linens... as in the linen fiber table cloths
Keeping those as well....... have you seen this nuns quilts by Cindy Needham?

Sorting :) because I want to make a crazy quilt this year and the most interesting ones I've seen have been made out of a million different fabrics.

They are being sorted in bags by fiber content... how much do you want to bet that some of these bags don't make it back to the sewing room.....

Wish me luck, you won't hear from me again until this is completed.


celkalee said...

I so admire the effort! One thing about quality clothing, many people haunt thrift stores these days and someone will be thrilled to adopt your clothing. It is beautiful and so well made. How I wish I had your drive!

RhondaBuss said...

Good luck with your cleaning. I have been doing some myself. It's daunting!

ELMO said...

Ladies, Thank you for your support!