Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why I hate to throw out scraps..... the pantie project

It is apparent now that I have a problem, I worked out that if I sew all of the fabric I have I wouldn't have the closet space to house the wardrobe I would create, especially if I don't even throw out scraps.  Can you blame me though?  Fabric is expensive and I want to use all of it.

Remember this little number?

 I've worn it a lot and have discovered I should have bought more of this fabric because it was a very high quality cotton knit, and it has been washed and dried and not faded, or shrunk. So I am happy that I saved the scrap because it's a perfect candidate for these... now if they only had it in solid white, or black but they didn't, and isn't that always the way.

  cotton lisle pantie 

 So it's not just the cotton knits I hang on to, it's silk scrap as well...

  silk jacquard pantie 

 Well at least I'm getting practice attaching elastic, using new types of elastic. I can throw out some of the tatty panties in the drawer, because these are all natural fibers, and they breath and fit well. Not feeling like hanging onto scrap was such a problem now :)

  pantie collection

Have you noticed the ones on the left that are woven look so much larger than the ones on the right that are knit, it's the perfect visual for explaining ease requirements between knits and wovens.

I still have a ton of scraps and I think that June will be Salvation Army pantie time.  I'm sure they'll be happy to get some new ones for the bins, and that will make space for new elastics.... yes hopeless.

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