Friday, May 16, 2014

That Lovely Norma Kamali Wrap Circle Skirt.....The Fail & Construction Details

I loved this skirt, it made me feel bohemian, in my youth I wore a lot of full circle skirts, I was thin enough to do so.  Fast forward 20 years and now not so much, so this was one of the garments that I could not part with.  The fabric is a black matte jersey and in perfect condition, but here's the issue.

20 years ago, what a lovely skirt....

Today.... Oh Dear...

Originally there would have been an 8" overlap at the waist, and instead of that lovely long tail at the waist, I have a lovely lumpy knot, and the danger of arrest because the overlap does not exist anymore.

Now, I did remove the waist band, and adjusted the skirt but it no longer suits me.  I am determined to use this fabric because it wears well, it's black and easy to wash.  Here's to the hardheaded among us.

Before I tear into it one last time, I wanted to show you some of the construction details.  This skirt is dead easy (and thrifty... except for the yardage) to make.

The waist band is a single layer, turned in and stitched at the edges.  
The skirt edges are finished in the same way (center front and hem).
(sorry for the blurry pic)
This is the band and center front skirt intersection.

It has a slit in the side seam waist band that is reinforced with topstitching,

There is a rayon tape that is folded in half and attached to the waist piece to stabilize the waistline, the top and bottom is stitched down through the waist and skirt seam allowances.
There is no other interfacing.

The seam allowances aren't even finished, but they don't have to be for stable knits.

So it hasn't worked for me as it, but look what we've learned.

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