Sunday, June 30, 2013

Black Valenciennes Lace Blouse with Tulle and Tucks

My room now smells like lavender, as I continue to unpack the stored pieces. I always wondered why mom measured so much when she sewed. If you have ever seen a pattern piece with all of the insert lace plotted out on the surface you would know why. In order to get the Valenciennes Lace to align, and look even, symmetrical, you have to be very patient and very careful. Having to rip out a seam on a piece of lace which is black on black with a tiny stitch wrapped around cotton tulle and lace is just not an option. 

Black lace blouse

Or maybe she was working on the tiny buttons that are covered in a double layer of crepe de chine and tulle.

Black lace shirt close up front

Black lace shirt back

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celkalee said...

Amazing. Like an Edwardian masterpiece. Your Mother was so talented, so masterful, now I know that much of your skill was inherited!