Sunday, June 30, 2013

Vintage Silk Nightgown with Valenciennes Lace

My mother the master of  lace inserts. This one is not as intricate as some other projects but still manages to mix three different types of lace, Valenciennes lace, a scalloped ribbon insert lace, and lace edging to finish. The body of the gown is a lightweight silk crepe de chine with a soft daisy print, there are slits on the bottom hem which are finished off with more edging lace. It is very light and begs you to curl up on a high back chair with a good book, cashmere wrap and a cup of tea... or at least to manage to get all that makeup off your face, brush and floss, and fall exhausted into bed.

The lace yoke is a good contrast for a freshly cleaned and buffed face!

Gray Silk lace night gown

Silk lace night gown

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