Saturday, June 29, 2013

Palmer Pletsch 1 Piece Pant Leg M6571

These pants were very interesting, you cut out one piece on doubled fabric.


This pant has only two seams (inseam and the crotch seam).  The side seam has been engineered out.  I've read about these pant patterns, so was delighted to see it included in this pattern.  At least I wouldn't need to try and hunt it down elsewhere. 


Again the fitting is what takes the longest, and I cheated a bit with my TNT pant pattern, so it moved along faster.  In the end I reduced the crotch depth 2" and the width of the pant about 3-4".  I wasn't sure I would like them but I do.  They're not like your typical elastic waistband pant, this has shaping to it.  There are darts that mark the sides, then another pair on the back and a total of four on the front.   I elected to use the side seam dart, and the back dart, but no front darts.  My next pair will have at least one pair of  front darts, they aid in keeping the pant from shifting and reduce the gathering bulk. You can just about make out the back dart here.


Don't be alarmed, I'm not going to wear these together, I just wanted to see what the proportions look like together to make the top I will eventually wear with them. Below the top from the same pattern McCalls M6571.


With the left over striped ponte, I'll try and piece a top together and hopefully not look like I've broken out of prison.

prison stripes

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