Sunday, July 7, 2013

Missoni Inspired Body Suit & Grading patterns

Missoni inspired bodysuit

It doesn't look like it but this was almost never made.

First the pattern was not my size, so there was grading involved.


Then I picked a lovely fabric, that I really didn't have enough of.

Missoni fabric

I had to patch the bottom and insert 5" across my expanding sitting area (if you look at the first pic through the leg, you can almost make out the seam allowances on the patch)
Then there's the stuff no one talks about, when you are fitting a bathing suit or bodysuit fitting the crotch requires special tricks, like leaving a thread tail long enough so that you can grab it from the front so that you can determine if the length is enough.

Tail at the tail

Then I had to wait for the stretch elastic I couldn't find locally to finish the leg openings.... snail mail.


In the meantime there was foraging going on, looking for the last pack of crotch tape.

Snap crotch

Finally the elastic arrives...
First step, join the elastic to the wrong side of the leg openings with a zigzag.
First pass wrong side

Then turn to right side and run another row of zigzag ro create a casing.
Fold over to create channel

Casing formed
Inserting elastic

Then carefully feed your elastic through, I used a loop turner but you can use a bodkin and be careful not to poke through the fabric.

pulling through elastic

 I cut it out and basted, and tweeked and joined fabrics, and topstitched, and applied binding and here's what I have, and I love it. It fits perfectly, and I mean it's a perfect fit, so I am beyond pleased.

Missoni Tank

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