Monday, July 8, 2013

Vogue V1220 Embroidered Cotton Spandex Shirting and Fabric Defects in Cutting Layouts

Really comfortable and very cute, it even nips in at the waist, 

and it has pockets,

and I can never get enough of using my vintage buttonholer.

I left two buttons undone at the hem for this shot, now that I've worn it for a little while I can say that it needs a little something to keep it closed at the center front bust, otherwise it does open a bit.  This was a problem I didn't have on the other DK style (wrap blouse OOP pattern 1961) because it was cut on the bias, this pattern is not.  The dress on the envelope is made up in a dark charcoal, which I think is perfect for this style.  It's just the type of fabric I would walk right by because unless it's made up in a dress I would think it boring.

Here I've rolled the sleeves up a little more and used a contrast belt instead of the self fabric belt.
I'll be making this one again.


Fabric Defects

I loved this fabric, but I received it in a mystery bundle shipment.  While I lay the fabric out to be cut, I noticed some defects.  If this happens to you, this will make it easier to avoid them turning up on your garment.

  It's like nothing else I have in the stash, but as I was laying it out I noticed some irregularities.  Some black circles were darker than others on the back, so I flipped the fabric over and had a closer look.  Now we know even industrial machines have tension issues.

The circles on the top pic, are on the back of the fabric.  The pic on the bottom are also on the back, notice that the ones below are darker, and it's the same design repeat.

I'll do my best to avoid the light band, where it looks as if they were changing threads out on the embroidery machine because around that same area on the face, there are loose thread ends.

The front piece on the pattern is very large, so it may be difficult to avoid this area.  If it can't be used, I'll pop this back into the stash, with my notes and look for something else.

Here's how I've marked it to avoid cutting into the areas.... painters tape:)  I've marked the areas with defects, then again at the selvage so I can leave these areas as space between the pattern pieces.


Alexandra said...

This is beautiful! I've been waiting to see how that pattern looks made up in a different fabric. I love your version.

Mary said...

This is a pattern I want to make up, and your version gives it such lightness. Love it!