Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Snoop Shopping - Erdem Chiffon Swallow Dress

Do you remember this Erdem dress from Spring 2010?  I loved this dress (for a much younger thinner person), it is very romantic, and I also loved the birds and the texture they achieved with the chiffon.

Spring 2010 Erdem dress swallows

I had the opportunity to take a closer look.
Here we have the main motif, since the print does not have sharp edges, they have solved it by running a chain stitch to outline the bird, and some essential details, along with a satin stitch around the neck.

The other motifs, some of which are easy to identify and others less so.



The dress itself is pretty amazing when you consider that all of the texture is simply bias chiffon layers that have been sewn on a chiffon background.

It is lined in silk charmeuse, in a coordinating print.

Of course this goes back to my textile envy post, these fabrics are manufactured for the designer.  I couldn't begin to imagine how much yardage went into this dress, or how it was manufactured.  So this is one of those fabrics, while not impossible to make would be cost and time prohibitive.... but if you really wanted it...
Erdem swallow

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Hazel_Myope said...

Making it would probably cost a lot less than buying the dress.