Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vogue V1115 Chado Ralph Rucci Rain Poncho

New pattern, new fabric, sewing is a little like cooking, the ingredients change just a little bit everytime. 

Rainwear and technical fabrics, determining right sides, wicking sides, waterproof sides.

(Sometimes you have to let it sit a while)

There are so many variables when embarking on a new project, I would like to know if when we choose a pattern, fabric, interfacing, notions, and we iron, layout, pin, cut, assemble, do finishing handwork, and give it a final press what our brains look like.  Do our synapse fire like a concert violinists?  What happens to our brains when we are engaged in this activity, I'm willing to bet it's beneficial (even with a wadder).

Vogue Advanced, they aren't kidding, this is just a little teaser of the project I'm working on now.  Hopefully it will be completed tomorrow, and then I'm going to need an hour of yoga to get the cricks out of my neck and back :) 




I don't want anyone from Chado Ralph Rucci emailing me to say this is not the intended purpose of this pattern :).  For a wearable muslin, I really like it.

side back body

It took an estimated 30 hours from pattern tracing to finish without the welt pockets, and countless pin pricks because of the stubborn fabric.

I really love the seaming details, and will leave the zipper off, the next time I make it.

Front neckline seaming detail

Center back neckline seaming

I really like this sleeve...

Side view

Almost looks alien like...

Front view

Thank you Mr Rucci for the inspiration!!

V1115 pattern line drawing vogue rucci

V1115 pattern pic vogue rucci

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