Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vogue 1282 The Red Slinky Cowl

My first time working with acetate slinky and I really liked the drape and loved the color.  So I left it open instead of sewing it up the front to wear it layered.  Part of the reason for this was that the slinky grew, and the armholes were very low, so you couldn't wear it alone.  The temperatures here have not really cooled off and thinking about wearing layers makes me break out in a cold sweat, so, after having it lie in the closet for a month without wearing I decided to tackle it one more time.

Vogue 1282

This is the only photo that comes close to the true color (above)... gorg!!

Vogue 1282

Vogue 1282

Raised armhole required trimming the shoulders
Vogue 1282

I managed to trim off all of the black serger thread, you could actually see it through the fabric.

Vogue 1282

Now I have a top that I can wear alone, without layering, and that doesn't require a cami beneath to hide the fact the armholes were huge.

The pattern pic.
Vogue 1282

Here are some side by sides original vs altered.
Vogue 1282 front side by side
On the right, I had lengthened the top 6" just to use up the entire yard of slinky and to experiment with the drape.  On the left, it is very close to the pattern length.

vogue 1282 armhole side by side

It's also notable that this really isn't the fabric recommended by the pattern envelope (which states 2 way stretch).  Slinky is a whole different animal which is likely why the armholes grew.

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