Friday, July 5, 2013

Onion Patterns 2025 Embroidered Cotton Swiss Dot Striped Dress

I have been testing different pattern companies and venturing outside of Vogue, Butterick, McCalls, and decided I was ready to plunge head first to Onion patterns of Denmark. So what if the instructions are in a language I don't understand, I love to learn. Did you know what the word for pattern is in Danish? Snitmonster! I just loved this, and you never know when this information will be useful. I was really looking for something simple but wearable, I'm looking to wear more dresses and needed something that could be a little more sporty to start with, so I settled on #2025.

Onion pattern 2025 dress

Something you have to be aware of is that the pattern does not have seam allowances, you have to add them yourself.

Out came the plastic, I did my research on PR and decided that Fjoelner would be my vendor of choice. The pattern arrived in about a week, which I thought was pretty fast.

Yesterday I cut it out, and today I finished it, despite some set backs.

The fabric is very delicate. I was very excited when I received it, but after washing, it left a trail of lint everywhere, in the bathroom where it was air drying, on the ironing board and lastly under my fingernails.... bleh. It ripped twice while I was working on it, so I am equating this to poor quality. This was a purchase and I wouldn't recommend it (at least not in black, maybe the other colors are better). It wasn't very expensive, so I'm not really upset about it. It was called "Embroidered Cotton Swiss Dot Stripes".
I have some Liberty Lawns upstairs that I know will be wonderful in this pattern, this was my practice piece after all.

I changed the pattern a bit, the black was a little overwhelming, so I ommitted the gathered half of the sleeve and replaced it with a roll up cuff. I'm happy with this change, and overall happy with the style once it's accessorized.


Now without the accessories, I would look like a wet cat, so I won't be wearing it this way.


Here is a close up of the fabric detail.


Mary said...

The closeup of the fabric is so pretty-sorry about all the lint. Yep, bad quality. However, the dress is so pretty and you have accessorized it perfectly. Thanks for the chuckle at snitmonster.

ELMO said...

I think it has to be the best term for pattern I've ever heard!